Clinical Training

The training of our therapy partners is the key to the success of our patient’s outcomes. Our training protocol includes:

  • Initial training
  • Practicum
  • Networking
  • Ongoing follow-up

Research-Based Training

Training ensures that every therapist is completely capable of providing the best outcomes for patients. Few therapists are currently experienced with psychedelics, so we take our training very seriously.

We have significant internal expertise from leaders in this field, ensuring that our approaches are always based on latest research. Our team includes individuals who have previously designed award-winning online training programs.

Training Program Design

Zylorion is actively developing a fully-accredited clinical program for training the next generation of health care professionals. To ensure that we can offer this program to as many people as possible, we’ve designed our program to be accessible to therapy-providers of many different backgrounds. Our technology-enabled therapy program is designed to allow for a range of expertise in each module.

Our team has worked with scholars from leading universities to design an engaging and highly effective project-based training program. This program is partly digital and party in-person. Zylorion is setting up collaborations with centers in Europe and North America to deliver the training program.