Clinical Research

Our team has deep experience in developing and testing new drug products, including all aspects of clinical research from pre-clinical through to Phase 3 Clinical Research programs. This includes addressing all regulatory, safety, and health data requirements.

This clinical expertise extends to

  • Designing complex therapy programs
  • Using electronic and digital tools in clinical research
  • Incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the analysis.

Our clinical roadmap is designed to help rapid patient access to the most effective treatments.

We are using the latest advances in clinical trial design and technology, complemented by our management skills in areas like computational psychiatry and artificial intelligence. Our expertise provides a robust body of clinical trial evidence to support and advance the development of Zylorion programs to the commercial marketplace.


We have a focus on intellectual property development to support significant market opportunities in areas of high unmet need.


Preclinical and Phase 1 research will be conducted at prominent North American and European centers.


In collaboration with top-tier academic institutions, we plan to start human clinical research for our lead product candidate as rapidly as possible.

Quality of Research

At Zylorion, holding ourselves and our partners to the highest standards of safety and privacy is pivotal.

Developing new drugs is complex, time-consuming, and expensive. It can be difficult in the areas of mental health, particularly due to high rates of placebo response. In psychedelic research, much of the time and costs associated with developing new drug compounds and science-based psychotherapy stems from these investments. They are necessary to design and manage multiple large clinical trials that can involve hundreds or thousands of patients in locations around the globe.

To navigate the complexities of research and regulatory areas, a qualified team is essential. Zylorion’s team has combined experience in over 150 clinical research studies. The internationally recognized individuals in our advisory groups also bring extensive expertise to assist these clinical programs, further enhancing the quality of the research.

In our research plans, we will collaborate with scholars from many globally recognized institutes. The combination of our experienced team and expert international scholars will reduce risks and time required to complete our clinical trials. Our knowledge of the clinical process and our innovative approaches to drug development will allow us to develop novel IP-protected products rapidly and cost effectively.

Partnerships & Collaboration

Zylorion is strategically partnered and collaborating with innovators who share our goal of enabling those of us with mental health challenges to thrive. These partnerships span areas including:

  • Clinical Studies
  • Technology-Enabled Therapy
  • Novel Products
  • Mycology
  • Patients
  • Practitioners and Clinicians
  • Funders

We are currently partnering with dedicated experts from world-class public and private institutions in the fields of psychology, psychiatry, medicine, mycology, and technology. Our partnership goals are to:

  • Advance evidence-based treatment outcomes to make them widely available
  • Accelerate research and development programs to deliver therapies to those who need them
  • Leverage technology to enable widespread market and geographical access to address the huge unmet needs

Only by working together can we strive towards providing everyone access to effective mental health care solutions. Zylorion is eager to continue with partnerships and collaborations to reach our goals.