The Zylorion Factor

What makes Zylorion different? It’s our unique combination of highly effective psychedelic products and novel psychotherapies.

The development of our psychedelics is informed by our deep expertise in mycology—from the genome up—along with the mindfulness of nature. Our psychotherapy approaches are designed by experts specifically to be paired with psychedelics.

Zylorion began with the knowledge that the psilocybin compound found in “magic mushrooms” was clinically very helpful for improving mental health conditions—but not a complete solution. To maximize effectiveness, psychedelic compounds need to work together with multi-modal therapy, or talk therapy. Our multi-modal therapy combines biofeedback and tools such as virtual reality and an AI algorithm to allow personalized therapy and improved outcomes for patients.

Dig into the Zylorion Difference

Two plus two equals five

In other words, when psychedelics and multi-modal therapy converge, benefits multiply—and give us more than what was originally added together. We know this to be true because of our experience in drug development, clinical research, digital mental health tools, and AI for mental health purposes.