Technology Enabled Therapy

At Zylorion, we strongly believe that sustainable long-term effects on mental health can be achieved through the right combination of psychedelic compounds and specifically designed psychotherapy.

The basis of Zylorion psychotherapy is a patient-centered program for treating common mental disorders. Its flexible model, containing different modules designed for the needs of each individual patient, has been designed to be easily integrated into existing therapy environments. It also includes sophisticated technologies.

Four Stages

The program is brief, but intensive. Its 6-week average timeline allows it to produce rapid outcomes in less time than traditional talk therapy. It consists of two types of evidence-based modules for treating specific mental health problems and those focusing on psychedelic-specific techniques. The overall program includes four stages:

Treatment is blended. It consists of a few in-person visits, including the psychedelic sessions, combined with significant at-home support during the entire program.

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Gather knowledge

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Introduce psychedelics

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Focus on the individual

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Put it all together


Biofeedback is the process of individuals learning how to help their body cope at times of stress. It can include different methods, such as breathing techniques or monitoring heart rate.

By monitoring biological measures in real time, therapists can also offer appropriate psychological support as needed throughout every session. Continuous biofeedback offers more layers of support and reassurance and can help ensure every patient gains the most out of their therapeutic experience.

Zylorion programs measure multiple biometrics in real time, allowing highly sophisticated measurements of an individual’s stress level throughout the therapy process. We combine the knowledge collected through biometrics with evidence-based science, allowing for improvements with continuous monitoring.

Biofeedback helps determine which specific sounds, smells, and visual experiences can be combined in the most helpful way. This information is entered into our AI algorithms to lead to continuous improvements.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) can support individual experiences.

By creating a “set and setting” for psychedelic experiences, VR and AR can provide and help teach specific relaxation and breathing techniques, support mindfulness, and offer other approaches designed to support individuals. These techniques can help with cognitive training and support standardized measurements.

The use of VR and AR also allows for highly relevant environments for specific issues, varying from exposure therapy to specific environments for those with post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD).

Zylorion’s patient-centered programs are enhanced by state-of-the-art VR and AR technologies. When used with data analytics, biometrics, and AI, patient experiences become even more personalized.

Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining

Zylorion’s artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm is designed to maximize each patient’s benefits during their time in therapy. It utilizes all information available, from heart rate to signs of emotional arousal, and links them to all of the inputs and treatments.

The rich data set that emerges from biofeedback and all other interactions allow continuous learning and improvements. It also allows the therapy program to be personalized for the individual patient experience and clinical treatment pathway.

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There is currently no other program like Zylorion’s that is designed for use with psychedelics or built for AI from the ground up by experts in the field.